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The First Seismoscope was invented in 132 AD by a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, engineer, and inventor called Zhang Heng.  The device was remarkably accurate in detecting earthquakes from afar, and did not rely on shaking or movement in the location where the device was situated.  Zhang’s seismoscope was a giant bronze vessel, resembling a samovar almost 6 feet in diameter. Eight dragons snaked face-down along the outside of the barrel, marking the primary compass directions. In each dragon’s mouth was a small bronze ball. Beneath the dragons sat eight bronze toads, with their broad mouths gaping to receive the balls. The sound of the ball striking one of the eight toads would alert observers to the earthquake and would give a rough indication of the earthquake’s direction of origin. 

In 2005, scientists in Zengzhou, China [which was also Zhang’s hometown] managed to replicate Zhang’s seismoscope and used it to detect simulated earthquakes based on waves from four different real-life earthquakes in China and Vietnam. The seismoscope detected all of them. As a matter of fact, the data gathered from the tests corresponded accurately with that gathered by modern-day seismometers!

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I love how the greatest joke in anime history is even joked about in anime.

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China reconfigured, Ah Xian

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You can’t say bubbles in an angry tone without sounding funny


You can’t say bubbles in an angry tone without sounding funny

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